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Description: Multifunctional user interface.

Features: Programmable digital user interface, for many types of systems as pellet stoves, electric ovens, boilers, chronothermostats. The new and exclusive design is completely flat and is provide with touch keys. Wi-Fi connectivity allows both remote control of the system through smartphone, using the special dedicated application, and assistance and remote update of firmware, resulting in savings in terms of time and costs of intervention on the field.
Double - NTC temperature probes type ST16
Description: Temperature probe with two indipendent NTC

Features: Operating temperature range : -30°C ÷ +230°C
Type sensing element: NTC
Features sensing element:
Resistance value at 80°C 1650Ω ± 3%
β coefficient (25°C - 80°C) 3530ºK ±2%
Isolation voltage 1250Vac per 1sec

Mechanical features:
Probe body: Copper tube Ø: 8.8mm
Length: 40mm
Cable: Silicone cable outside Ø: 5.9mm

Safety probe:
Tested according to 60730-2-9 and annex J
Can be used as a thermal cut-off (TCF)
Operating range when used as TCF: -20°C ÷ +110°C
Chronothermostat Type Kronos GA11
Description: Weekly-programming digital chronothermostat for remote control of hot air generators in cascade systems.

Features: Weekly programming with 4 temperature levels, graphic display LCD 128x64 pixel with backlight, manages the parameters of more hot air generators with the related control boards connected in cascade.
Chronothermostat type Kronos OT11
Description: Weekly programming digital chronothermostat with remote boiler control and remote management via GSM.

Features: OpenTherm® compatible v3.0 smart power mode, weekly programming with 4 temperature levels, graphic display LCD 128x64 pixel, serial interface RS-232 for external GSM modem.
Description: Week-programming digital chronothermostat

Features: equipped with remote boiler control, Opentherm ® compatible