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RH Series
Description: Motorized air dump

Features: Versions with clock or anticlockwise rotation are available; 1 or 2 turns per minute of speed rotation; availability of wiring for 1 or 2 wires modulation thermostat
960SAT Series
Description: Digital temperature adjustment system type 960SAT for district heating appliances

Features: Can drive a mixed water valve at 24V. Reading 3 ntc probes. User interface with two 7-seg display or display lcd and 7 switchs. Remote control with opentherm protocol and cascade management with RS485 bus (with 961 board).
Description: Digital control system for domestic wood pellet stoves with air to air heat exchanger.

Features: The kit, usable on wood pellet stove with single air / air exchanger, is made up of:

Eco Base Pellet power board: supply voltage 230V~ 50Hz, dimensions 116x96x36 mm (LxPxH), operating temperature range 0 ÷ 60 ° C, 3 triac outputs (230V~), 1 relay output (SPST-230V~) 1 thermocouple input, 1 airflow sensor input, 1 rpm sensor input of flue gas fan, 2 inputs for NTC probe, 2 inputs for free-potential contact, serial port for communication with user interface.

BTouch Pellet user interface: dimensions 110x75x16 mm (LxPxH), LCD dot matrix (128x64 pixel) display with backlight, 7 touch buttons with led backlight. Optional Wi-Fi connectivity for remote system control via smartphone (user) or PC (technical support).

Accessories: IR remote control, ST07 NTC probe, SF1 air flow sensor, FT11 or FT13 phototransistor, as an alternative to the flame detection means by thermocuople.
Hydro and air pellet board type 1034 kit
Description: Digital control board for domestic wood pellet stoves with air-to-air or air-to-water heat exchanger.

Features: Power Supply: 230Vac-50Hz, 6 Analogic input, 1 Thermostat input, 2 Thermocouple input, 1 Safety thermostat input, 1 air pressure switch input, 6 triac output, 2 SPST relays output free contact power, 2 SPDT output relays, 1 230V relay output (for ignition transformer), 1 flow sensor SF1 input, dimensions: 160x100x45 mm
Kit for air heating pellet stoves
Description: Digital control system for domestic wood pellet stoves with air/air exchanger.

Features: Kit for air heating pellet stoves consisting of a user interface unit, a stove load power control unit and an infrared remote control unit.
Chronothermostat Type Kronos GA11
Description: Weekly-programming digital chronothermostat for remote control of hot air generators in cascade systems.

Features: Weekly programming with 4 temperature levels, graphic display LCD 128x64 pixel with backlight, manages the parameters of more hot air generators with the related control boards connected in cascade.
Chronothermostat type Kronos OT11
Description: Weekly programming digital chronothermostat with remote boiler control and remote management via GSM.

Features: OpenTherm® compatible v3.0 smart power mode, weekly programming with 4 temperature levels, graphic display LCD 128x64 pixel, serial interface RS-232 for external GSM modem.
Description: Week-programming digital chronothermostat

Features: equipped with remote boiler control, Opentherm ® compatible

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